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The Benefits of a Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy systems are a combination of resins and hardeners. When mixed together, the resin and hardener chemically form an extremely strong, durable, rigid, and impact resistant plastic coating. Epoxy applications cost-effectively repair surface cracks, pits, stains, and damage. Decorative Concrete and safety surface enhancements (i.e.: color, anti-strip, designs, etc.) may be added. Epoxy flooring systems in Vancouver are ideal for heavy-traffic commercial environments such as hospitals, sports/event venues, schools, and more.

Highly Durable and Resilient

Epoxy flooring systems installed by epoxy floor installers near me extend overall service life. It stands up to constant stresses of high foot- and equipment- traffic, heavy loads, and typical impacts that occur during daily operations (i.e.: dropped forklift loads, chemical and oil spills, etc.). The new layer of the hardened resin material is as durable and strong, or stronger, as the concrete beneath it minimizes or alleviates cracking or sinking.

Low – Maintenance

Maintenance is minimal and there is no long-term care necessary to maintain the clean, seamless, and professional appearance. It is also hypoallergenic, dust mite, and relatively fungi-proof. Once installed, there is NO WAXING, NO STRIPPING, AND NO RE-POLISHING! The only routine maintenance required is a once-a-week water wiping or swabbing. Installed baseboards along your polished floor edge prevent fluids from seeping into the crevices where the concrete floor and wall meet.

Compliant, Safe, and Environmentally Friendly

Seamless no-slip epoxy concrete floors retain heat and/or air conditioning that help your business conserve energy. No joints or seams aid a safer environment for employees and equipment operations alike! NATURAL LIGHT is also enhanced as a result of the floor’s reflective finish. More natural light ensures better visibility as well as lower power bills.

The solid epoxy resin is also FIRE- and CHEMICAL-RESISTANT. Underlayment smooths old concrete and protects the new floor from humidity, moisture, and dampness that breeds molds and fungi. The material naturally resists spills, oils, chemicals, and dust buildup.


Color and unique design are easily incorporated into your commercial flooring project with little additional effort or expense. Stains and dyes may also be used to change the concrete’s color as well as enhance the final finishes appearance. Aggregates, chips, or unique pieces may also be incorporated into the epoxy for texture as well as color enhancement.

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Shopping Mall Flooring

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